About the Blog

See God’s Hand in Your Life

This blog is to amplify the real and present Living God who works in the lives of his believers.  Jesus Christ lives in the hearts of those who know him, love him, and have surrendered their lives to Him.  Therefore, he is present.  His work is visible.  I know, because I have seen it for myself.  I have experienced Him personally.  I have surrendered when my flesh said no.  And I am thankful that he has shown his ways to me.

Many of you have personal examples of seeing His Visible Hand in your lives.  There are thousands…millions of testimonies of his loving work.  That’s what this blog is about – glorifying Jesus Christ who saves to the uttermost.

This blog is also about good Christian fiction, as I am an author of Christian fiction and nonfiction material.

I will be sharing some of the incredible journeys God has taken me on.  Along the way, I will share pieces where I have seen His Visible Hand in the lives of others.  And somewhere down the line, I hope to produce a best Christian fiction series for the young and old.  But of course, readers will always have the last say.

Come along with me.  There is no greater thrill than walking with the Lord.