Author Bio – The lighter side

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David DeVowe was born and raised in the UP of Michigan with no fences-just a few people, a lot of animals, and endless trees.  He sold worms, muskrats, beaver and trout flies until it was time to pump gas.  David worked hard through high school to graduate 3rd in a class of 11.  That was so he didn’t have to make an honor speech at graduation.

Mr. DeVowe graduated from pumping gas to working on the Space Shuttle – after he was done with Michigan Tech.  In the shadow of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, David met his wife Carolyn and eventually settled in Minnesota.  There the two of them found salvation in Jesus Christ.  They continue to raise the balance of 9 children who came to them from all over the planet. David’s family is his test reader group for all of the books in His Visible Hand.

David hopes to author a ‘best Christian fiction’ series.  He writes for the joy of discovery and for the pleasure of showing God’s hand in the lives of a book’s characters.