Mystery of MaryAnne Book Release

My test reader group was as shocked as MaryAnne to discover what this book reveals about her.  Sweet, innocent MaryAnne faces life difficulties that few will ever experience.  How will she respond?  Will MaryAnne seek God in her trial, or will she run from all she has ever known?

I hope you enjoy the deepening relationship between Shoe and MaryAnne in this third book of the Greatest Treasure series.

Mystery of MaryAnne, pre-release

Mystery of MaryAnne is scheduled to be released in a few weeks.  Readers interested in an ARC in exchange for an honest review, please send me a message.

This book turns Shoe’s and MaryAnne’s world upside-down when they discover who MaryAnne really is. Test readers have been excited, appalled, and driven to laugh out-loud at the events that ramp up the relationship between Shoe and MaryAnne, to new heights.  Forgiveness is a primary theme in Mystery of MaryAnne, a story I hope you’ll enjoy.

Power of a Reader

The reader’s response to a story line can be extraordinarily powerful in the construct of a current work.  Yesterday, I was listening to responses from several new readers, when the topic of ‘what I hope to find out next’ in the Greatest Treasure series, helped solidify the closure to Book III – a manuscript currently in the works.

I like to use a live reader group to actively listen to a manuscript under construction – one or two chapters at a time.  I’ve found this to be a strength-building exercise for the overall story-line.  Still, the power of the new reader, one who has picked up a book for the first time and shared how it impacted them, is immeasurable for the development of future works.

For some, that raises a question, “Don’t you know your story’s plot before you begin?”  The answer is yes, I know the basic construct, but I am not a detailed outliner.  Once the rough framework of an outline is in place, then I might be called a pantser by some (writing by the seat of my pants), allowing the fullness of a story to develop out of the unexpected.

So for me, listening to the reaction of a new reader can bring vivid clarity to what happens next.  Never doubt the impact your review or simple line of feedback can have on an author.  What you’ve read impacts you in a distinctly, unique way.  That’s because you are distinctly unique – created in God’s image, and yet like no one else.

Mystery of MaryAnne pre-order

MyMOM Front Cover medstery of MaryAnne just became available for preorder on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Apple iBooks. Readers receive a discounted price at $2.99. The book will be regularly priced at $3.99 when it launches March 1st.

“Hope, courage, and respect for others – when it’s most impossible”

From the very start, she was told she didn’t belong in the north woods of Stoney Creek. Shoe Makinen thought he knew MaryAnne until a stranger turns the small lumbering town upside down.  He discovers something shocking about her that he never would have imagined without the insight of an outsider.

Nor would have MaryAnne.


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What Should Girls Read?

We’ve looked for good Christian books for all of our children to read for the last, oh, 20 years or so.  We have more tween/teen girls in the house now than ever, all of them avid readers.  When I came across this list ‘What Should They Read Book List for Christian Girls‘ , it was clear that MarJanita put some time and thought into compiling the works listed here.  I felt it worth re-posting.  You may find it useful too.


What Denominational View?

“Are these books written from a denominational perspective?” I recently was asked that question of the Greatest Treasure series of books, told by Shoe Makinen.

The short answer is ‘no’.

But that deserves some explanation.  I have to ask myself, ‘what denomination was Jesus’? The answer to that question leaves me with only what’s in God’s Word about my relationship with Him and exactly what it takes to get to heaven.  In it, Jesus says He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; and that no one comes to the Father but by Him.  His good news doesn’t mince any words about being born again, being regenerated – a new creature, with the old man passed away and ALL things having become new.

There is no denomination there.  John_3_16 small

Shoe Makinen is on a similar road of discovery – that going to church or being the best kid in the town of Stoney Creek will have no bearing on his ability to stand spotless before God.  Only Jesus Christ can do that.  Shoe, who barely survived his physical birth will have to be born again to be redeemed and live an eternal life of joy with his Creator.

I hope that answers the question more fully.  And I hope you will come along with Shoe, on the journey that matters most.

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This blog is to amplify the real and present Living God who works in the lives of his believers.  Jesus Christ lives in the hearts of those who know him, love him, and have surrendered their lives to Him.  Therefore, he is present.  His work is visible.  I know, because I have seen it for myself.  I have experienced Him personally.  I have surrendered when my flesh said no.  And I am thankful that he has shown his ways to me.

Many of you have personal examples of seeing His Visible Hand in your lives.  There are thousands…millions of testimonies of his loving work.  That’s what this blog is about – glorifying Jesus Christ who saves to the uttermost.

This blog is also about good Christian fiction, as I am an author of Christian fiction and nonfiction material.  It is here that we’ll also explore some great Christian fiction books.

I will be sharing some of the incredible journeys God has taken me and my wife on.  Along the way, I will share pieces where we have seen His Visible Hand in the lives of others.  And somewhere down the line, I hope to produce a best Christian fiction series for the young and old.  But of course, readers will always have the last say.

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